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BLOC Ministries

Art Center



9am - 2pm

Golden Community is excited to take on our next Golden Opportunity...

Painting the Art Center at BLOC Ministries!!

Join us Feb 26th

9am to 2pm!

BLOC Ministries is actively in the trenches to help inner city individuals who are children, addicts, and trafficked woman to have a place of safety, healing, and family.

The Arts Center is used for multiple purposes and receives a lot of traffic each week.

It is also in need of some love, and we know we are just the people to bring that love and care to this special space that is used for so much good!

We will be painting the inside of the Arts Center and need as many hands as possible to try and knock out the whole project in one day.

All food and refreshments will be provided.

Children? - If you have a child that is at an age where they are able to contribute towards work that requires attention to detail like painting, they are certainly welcome, we would ask that if your child is not at this age to find childcare for them and pick them up in a couple of hours ;-

Please join us!

“I stumbled upon BLOC walking to school, seeing Ryan greeting everyone; you don't really get that sort of kindness where we're from.

They helped me develop my confidence, my abilities, & my gifts. The wonderful people I've met at BLOC have practically become my family

- Donovan (17)

BLOC Ministries

Hear Donovan's story:

What is the BLOC Ministries Arts Center used for?

The arts building is used for the Girls Wanted program - Girls Wanted is a program for teenage girls to have a safe place to share and get away from the pressures they face.

And in so doing, it helps them know they are loved and valued, which results in less susceptibility to drug addiction and sex trafficking traps.

Young Boys Program, Arts, dance and after school programs -

Teaching people in the various programs and the community to express themselves through art and dancing.

Additional Programs:


Homework assistance/tutoring

Fitness room

Recreational basketball

Recreational games

Games room

“ADAPT" workshops – Alcohol & Drug Awareness & Prevention for Teens

Character building teachings & discussion

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